About The Project

Over the past several months, I’ve developed a growing obsession with Street Photography.  I’ve always been a fan of Humans of New York (HONY):

Humans of New York

Humans of New York


 In 2010, a young man named Brandon lost his job and moved to New York City and decided to spend some time taking portraits of strangers in the streets.  His initial goal was to photograph and catalogue the photos and plot them onto a map.

 His project gradually detoured in a different direction.  He began to spend time with the people he was photographing.  He asked them questions and posted their answers along with their photos.  He discovered that these strangers were willing to share their personal stories, advice, fears, and concerns. Brandon’s HONY blog grew in popularity and now millions of people world-wide enjoy Humans of New York.  His blog also led to the development of his #1NYT bestselling book.

 I’m intrigued by Brandon’s photos – but more so, by the captions that accompany them.   People enjoy telling jokes and funny stories – but they are also willing to share their honest and raw emotions.  The simple tales that people are willing to tell unite us all and give us a sense of community – and not just local community – we become poignantly aware of the bond between all humankind. 

 The global impact of the photos and stories is evident in the comments section, found below each picture.  Folks from all over the world want to offer encouragement, advice, condolences, and congratulations.  After all, a community is made up of individual members co-existing on this planet we call Earth.  We are all muddling through this thing called Life, for better or for worse. 

 I love to take photos, I enjoy talking to people, and I’m a writer.  Orangeville is a growing community brimming with vibrant and interesting people.  And so – with these perfect ingredients, the recipe for Humans of Orangeville (HOO) is now complete. 

 Thanks so much to Brandon for providing the inspiration for this local spin-off of your original idea.

 Thanks to my awesome friends and family for your creative ideas, logo design, webpage set-up, Facebook lessons – and most importantly for your encouragement and support.  

 My goal is to have some fun, meet some interesting people, and create a cohesive, interactive platform for the visitors and residents of Orangeville (and beyond) to connect in a meaningful way.